How to Make a Booking

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

Once you have booked, Stay in a Pub will send you an email to confirm your booking & the pub will also receive an email. 

The postcode search for the pub area I would like to stay in isn’t working – how do I fix this?
If the exact postcode doesn’t work, don’t worry! Try typing the beginning of the postcode, for instance instead of CO4 9HT, just type in CO4. This will widen your search but will still be in the area you are looking at. Alternatively, you can widen your search further by typing in a Town, County or Region (e.g. East Anglia)

What information do I need to make a booking?
To make a booking you will need to fill out your billing details, your personal address, phone number, email address and card details to pay your £25 deposit.

I’m having difficulty making a booking online, what can I do?
Please don’t hesitate to contact Stay in a Pub via email on info@stayinapub.co.uk for any queries you may have. We will respond as quickly as we can during office hours, normally within 12 hours. Alternatively, you could give us a call between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday on 01206 752571.

Booking Enquiries?  

Do I get charged a booking fee?
Stay in a Pub receives a small commission directly from the pub. We don’t charge you any booking fee!

Are taxes included in the total price?
Where relevant, all prices include VAT.

Can I make a reservation without a card?
You can’t reserve without your card, as you have to place a £25 deposit. The balance of the fee is payable to the pub during your stay.

Do you charge a credit card fee?
No card fee is charged to you.

Does Stay in a Pub accept any other type of payment asides through a debit/credit card?
I’m afraid not. Stay in a Pub is an online booking website, so only take payment online through cards.

I am entering my credit card details, when do I pay?
A £25 deposit will be taken immediately but the remaining amount is to be paid when you arrive at where you are staying.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
A £25 deposit will be taken from the cost of the room when you book online through Stay in a Pub. For example, your room costs £100, £25 deposit will be taken online, when you arrive at the pub, you will then have the remaining £75 left to pay and any extras purchased at the Pub.

Is breakfast included in the total price?
Breakfast is not always included but if it is, it will be stated on the pub’s homepage on Stay in a Pub.


Why do you take my credit card details?
We take your card details as you pay a £25 deposit for your booking. This ensures the Pub doesn’t completely lose out should a customer not turn up.

How do I know my bank details are secure?
Stay in a Pub take your security very seriously. SagePay’s secure payment system is used to deal with taking your payment.

What do you do with my information?
Stay in a Pub never devolves your information to a third party and we don't store any of your card details. We may contact you using your email address and send you newsletters which can you opt out of when you have received one. Please see our Cookies Policy for more information about how we use cookies. 


We have children; are extra beds/cots available?
Most pubs accommodate for young children, however each pub is different. We suggest you have a look at their homepage on Stay in a Pub to double check.

Do you check the standards of the pubs?
No, we don’t check the standards, we purely provide you with maximum choice. Each pub will have their ratings and awards displayed. We welcome your feedback on the pub and its facilities, whether it be good or bad. 

Cancellations & Complaints

I want to make a cancellation, how do I do this?
If you would like to cancel your booking, please contact the pub directly.

Are there any charges if I cancel my room?
If you cancel your room with more than 7 days until you are due to check into the Pub, you will receive a full refund. However, if it is less than 7 days, you lose your deposit and if it is less than 48 hours, you are liable to pay the full price of the room unless the pub can re-let your room or you immediately re-book for another day, within a year.

How can I complain about this site?
If you would like to complain please email us at info@stayinapub.co.uk and we will do our very best to make amends.

How can I complain about the Pub I stayed in?
Please contact us at info@stayinapub.co.uk 

Want to get your pub listed on Stay in a Pub?

How do I get more information about signing up my pub?
For more information, please contact Stay in a Pub on 01206 752571 or email us at info@stayinapub.co.uk or click 'Get Listed on Stay in a Pub' on the left hand side of this page. 

I’m only a small, independent pub can I still be included?
All pubs with accommodation are welcome, whether you are a small independent pub or a large chain of pubs. Everyone is treated the same!

What are the costs involved?
There is no cost is to be listed on the website. Depending on which listing package you choose there is either commission charged per booking or fixed fee for each year.  

Do I need to have my own website?
Not at all – a website is not necessary; we become your very own mini website for accommodation, as you have your own homepage and pictures, chosen by you. You can also add any awards you have and the facilities you have.

I already have a booking system; can I still sign up to Stay in a Pub?
Yes, we connect with various booking platforms such as Eviivo, Guestline, Booking.com, Guestlink, Laterooms, Welcome Online and Q Book. Please contact us to find out how we can connect to your current platform.