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Rolling Downland and Pretty Villages

Covering 380 square miles Cranborne Chase Area of Natural Beauty overlaps the counties of Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. It is a diverse landscape offering areas of rolling chalk grassland, ancient woodlands, chalk escarpments, downland hillsides and chalk river valleys each with a distinct and recognisable character. The landscapes of the Area of Natural Beauty today, as they were in the past, are extraordinarily rich and picturesque. 

Cranborne Chase is a tranquil and deeply rural area with scattered villages and narrow roads. There are no large towns in the area with Salisbury being the closet larger settlement. This provides the perfect setting to escape the bustling towns and cities and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. There is no better way to enjoy these sleepy villages than to stay in a local country pub or inn. Offering a warm friendly welcome, comfortable accommodation and warming home cooked food and cask ale a trip to Canborne Chase is the ideal setting to relax.  

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